Philcare Smart Check Up

Philcare Smart Check Up


PhilCare, one of the leading healthcare providers in the country believes that health is not just a quick response to illnesses, but rather, health is a state of overall wellness. Hence, they are committed to create products and services that empower their members to achieve an ideal state of health. Making sure that all products are quality, effective, and more importantly, accessible, PhilCare is among the first HMOs to introduce prepaid healthcare options to Filipinos. This is to make sure that they can get every Filipino covered at any stage of their life, anywhere they may be. From unlimited consultation health cards to emergency care coverage, PhilCare came up with health plans designed to cover the distinct health needs of Filipinos. Along with this, PhilCare is taking advantage of the rapid technological advancements to ensure the quality and ease of customer experience. With more than 30,000 accredited physicians, 300,000 members and growing, more than 1,400 accredited hospitals and clinics, 4 PhilCare Primary Care clinics and 7 Quick Assist Centers, PhilCare continues to be one of the most sought after brands when it comes to healthcare protection.


Access to health cards in the Philippines is now made easier through Maria Health. This aggregator partnered with the most trusted healthcare providers in the country. Now, more Filipinos have more access to health insurance Philippines. To make healthcare accessible for all is Maria Health’s main goal and through the power of technology, they are making it possible.  


Philcare Smart Check Up

Philcare Smart Check Up is one of Philcare’s prepaid health cards. Here’s the detailed coverage of the plan.

Early detection is key in making sure you catch medical conditions before they become worse. Recommended yearly, getting an annual physical exam also goes a long way into upping your chances for a longer, happier, and healthier life. Today, it's easy to stay at the peak of your health with PhilCare's Basic Annual Physical Examination (APE) package. A one-time payment of ₱ 499 provides one (1) complete set of physical exams:

    • Medical History Taking

    • Physical Examination

    • Chest X-Ray

    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    • Urinalysis

    • Fecalysis

  • Annual physical exam must be redeemed at Philcare Manila and Makati Clinics and selected Hi-Precisions Clinics

  • Additional benefits include:

    • Preferential rates of 10% off on ultrasound procedures

    • 5% discount on laboratory and X-ray procedures

    • Exclusive deals and invites to PhilCare 360 Wellness activities

    • Stay updated by downloading your exam results from PhilCare’s Go! Mobile App on your Android or iOS device

This health card has no age restrictions so you can easily buy this plan not just for yourself but for your friends and loved ones as well. Time to take charge of your health through preventive care. Philcare Smart Check up health card encourages you to have that regular check-up with your doctor so you’ll be updated on your latest health status. As you live your lives trying to achieve holistic wellness, partner up your healthy lifestyle with health protection. Start by investing with quality healthcare with Philcare.

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