My Health Pregnancy Laboratory Package

My Health Pregnancy Laboratory Package


Health Cards and Health Plans both prepaid and comprehensive are now becoming accessible to more and more Filipinos. Health Insurance Philippines are comprised of various healthcare providers offering a plethora of options inlcuding comprehensive and prepaid options. HMO Philippines as an industry is thriving and growing. Aggregators like Maria Health are changing the game by being an “insura-tech” platform partnering with the most trusted healthcare providers. It allows users to conveniently look and select products through their website and buy it immediately. Growth of HMO Philippines is growing at a rapid pace because of this innovation. Among the partners of Maria Health is My Health Clinic.


MyHealth Clinic is a network of multi-specialty clinics providing a wide range of outpatient healthcare assistance. From medical checkups, doctor consultations, health screening to other medical practices, we have all of these covered to give the best and quality care you deserve. We also offer comprehensive outpatient healthcare products and services. Believing that healthcare should be not just of quality, but must also be accessible, we integrated in our clinics the entire spectrum of medical services that patients need to take better care of their health. From doctor consultations to outpatient surgeries, from health cards to executive check-ups, MyHealth Clinic has the products and services that address the growing healthcare needs of every individual, family, or company.


One of My Health’s prepaid health cards now being offered in Maria Health’s website is the My Health Pregnancy Laboratory Package.


  • Tests during pregnancy not only monitor the mother’s health but also her baby’s. Rest easy knowing both you and your baby are healthy throughout your 9-month pregnancy journey with the MyHealth Pregnancy Laboratory Package.

  • MyHealth is one of the best multi-specialty network of clinics in the country offering a wide variety of outpatient healthcare products and services.

  • Package includes:

    • CBC

    • Urinalysis

    • Blood Typing

    • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)

    • Pap Smear

    • OGTT (75g., 2 hours)

    • HIV 1 & 2

    • HBsAg (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen)

    • VDRL/RPR

    • Rubella, Igg

    • One (1) Consultation with an OB-Gynecologist

  • Enjoy all this for the one-time fee of P4,500.

  • Note: You don’t have to take all the tests in one visit. You can take only the tests you need, as ordered by your doctor. MyHealth staff will keep a record of which tests you have taken and which ones are still available on your next visit.

  • No appointment required for laboratory tests.

  • Note: 8 to 10-hour fasting is REQUIRED in preparation for Fasting Blood Sugar and Lipid Profile tests.

  • You need to set an appointment for ultrasound procedures and OB-Gynecologist consultation by calling: (02) 784-6930 / (0917) 843-2939 / (0999) 227-9495.

  • Know anyone who’s expecting? You can buy this package as a gift. The name of purchaser on the electronic voucher does not need to match the name of the person claiming the electronic voucher.

  • You must present one (1) valid ID upon availment at preferred MyHealth Clinic.

  • This package may be redeemed one year from the date of purchase

  • Please note that the laboratory tests included in this package are the most common tests being ordered by OB-Gynecologists for patients having a low-risk pregnancy. Pregnancy management may vary depending on the patient’s case, and on the medical opinion of each doctor.

  • The 10 laboratory tests included in this package are meant to be taken just once per test. If your OB-Gynecologist asked you to have a repeat of any of these tests,  that is no longer covered by this package.

  • Since this package includes all the tests you need throughout your 9 months of pregnancy, use only the tests you need, as ordered by your doctor. Our staff will keep a record of which tests you have used up and which ones are still available on your next visit.

  • Lab test results may be viewed through MyHealth’s website:

  • For a list of MyHealth clinic branches, visit

Taking care of you and your baby’s health is the utmost priority. Invest on laboratory tests you need to prevent and avoid complications. As a mom, it is your responsibility to make sure you and your baby’s health is regularly checked during the crucial times of pregnancy. Good thing, health cards are now available because of the growing and thriving health insurance Philippines. Check out this My Health Pregnancy Laboratory Package now.

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