Mobility Bundle for Busy On-The-Go Individuals

Mobility Bundle for Busy On-The-Go Individuals

Whether you're new to buying insurance or simply exploring your options, we're here to help. We've partnered with the top HMOs in the country because we believe you and your loved ones deserve only the best.

Too busy and always on the go? Don't forget to invest in the most important thing in life: YOU. Life happens but that doesn't mean you can't be healthy and outgoing at the same time!

  • Get consultations in the comfort of your own office or home, emergency coverage as well as ambulatory services all in one bundle for only Php 3,419.

  • This bundle combines the benefits of individual cards to provide better overall coverage. Includes:

  • Individual Konsulta MD Subscription

    • Unlimited 24/7 access to telephone medical assistance with KonsultaMD's licensed General Practitioners for 12 months. This subscription allows one (1) person to get immediate medical attention with no waiting time

    • Card does not cover hospital admission or confinement

    • Enjoy special discounts with partner healthcare service providers

    • Eligibility: 18 years old and up

    • For more details about the individual card, visit

  • Maxicare EReady Titanium

    • One time emergency availment coverage up to P15,000 for life threatening conditions, illnesses and/or injuries like heart attacks, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular accidents, loss of consciousness and convulsions.

    • Card does not cover hospital admission or confinement.

    • Eligibility: 15 days old – 65 years old

    • For more details about the individual card, visit

  • Lifeline One Year Individual Ambulance Coverage

    • Free Emergency Quick Response and ambulance service in and out of your home, anywhere in Metro Manila.

    • Free use of ambulance equipment and medicines sucsh as defibrillators, splints, braces, suction pump machines, patient transport equipment, oxygen, parenteral fluids, oral/injectable medicines, disposable supplies.

    • Special rates for Medical Airlift Service and Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services for Patients

    • Lifeline 16-911 Doctor on Call Program and Driver on Call Program for P2,000 per availment.

    • Eligibility: no age restriction. No exclusions for pre-existing disease.

    • For more details about the individual card, visit

  • You can UPGRADE some of the individual cards included in the package for more benefits. Maxicare EReady Platinum (, for instance, gives access to the top hospitals in Manila. Konsulta MD Subscriptions are also available for groups of 2 ( or groups of 5 (

  • Cards can also be bought individually.

Family Emergency Bundle

Family Emergency Bundle