Seniors Bundle

Seniors Bundle

Our recommendation engine will help you find the best plan in half the time it normally takes. Free 24/7 online access to healthcare. We've got you covered so you can get your loved ones covered.

Planning on getting your senior parents / grandparents a health plan but finding them too expensive? The affordable Seniors Bundle will be able to cover their basic health necessities for a stress-free and healthy retirement.

  • Enjoy ambulatory transportation, selective emergency, preventive and outpatient coverage for only Php 3998.

  • This bundle combines the benefits of individual cards to provide better overall coverage. Includes:

  • Medicard RxER E-Voucher

    • 1 year emergency care coverage up to P20,000 for the following cases: trauma cases, burns, animal bites and accidental chemical poisoning

    • Emergency cases should be availed at MediCard accredited hospitals as long as it is within six (6) hours from the time of the incident and subject to the conditions under exclusions

    • Free unlimited consultations with primary care physicians, pediatricians, medical internists and gynecologists (except maternity related consultations)

    • 1 Annual Physical Exam

    • Dental care services: free dental consultations, free 1 time oral prophylaxis and 30% discount on dental procedures.

    • Eligibility: no age restriction. No medical exam required. No hierarchy requirement.

    • Emergency care may be availed at Medicard's Accredited Hospitals. Preventive & Outpatient care may only be availed from MediCard’s free-standing clinics.

    • For more details about the individual card, visit

  • Lifeline One Year Individual Ambulance Coverage

    • Free Emergency Quick Response and ambulance service in and out of your home, anywhere in Metro Manila.

    • Free use of ambulance equipment and medicines sucsh as defibrillators, splints, braces, suction pump machines, patient transport equipment, oxygen, parenteral fluids, oral/injectable medicines, disposable supplies.

    • Special rates for Medical Airlift Service and Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services for Patients

    • Lifeline 16-911 Doctor on Call Program and Driver on Call Program for P2,000 per availment.

    • Eligibility: no age restriction. No exclusions for pre-existing disease.

    • For more details about the individual card, visit

  • Cards can also be bought individually.

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