Productivity Tips for Business Owners

Productivity Tips for Business Owners


More Filipino entrepreneurs are exploring the country’s potential by launching their own start up businesses. The percentage of new business owners is on the rise due to the growing demand of the market to experience and avail innovative products and services. According to a study, the spirit of entrepreneurship has started to spread, as seen in the growing number of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), in the Philippines. At present there are over 900,000 MSMEs, representing over 90% of all Philippine enterprises, and accounting for 70% total employment. The Philippine startup ecosystem grew as more startups were launched in the recent years. In the same research it was said that 49% of the founders who responded launched their startups between 2016-2017. (1) In line with this, the challenge for most entrepreneurs is to hasten productivity in the workplace as they build their market and expand for growth.

The core of any workplace is its people and unlike machinery and technology, humans can bring in compassion, innovation and creativity in the business. The challenge for business owners is to maximize productivity in this volatile and evolving business landscape. Here are some of the tips that business owners can apply in their own organization to ensure joyful productivity and inspire a dynamic workforce.


Invest in your team’s skills through trainings

Let learning be part of your organization’s DNA. In this day and age, make sure that you equip your people with skills and trainings that will help them hone their craft. Growth happens when there is an opportunity to challenge current systems in order to innovate. Give your team that chance to further their skills by exposing them to seminars, workshops and symposiums that will help them grasp the nature of your business and understand it in a broader sense. 

Build an engaged work culture that is open to change

Drive value in your organization by encouraging employees to engage and participate. Let them know that their inputs are heard. Allow them to explore, be creative and share to them your vision. An engaged work culture will be possible if leaders will let their team feel included in the dialogue. Create an open, safe and empowering workplace for your team. Productivity happens when leaders don’t have to micro-manage everything.

 Give your team access to excellent employee benefits

One of the most important factors that help in over-all productivity is ensuring that the team who manages daily operations is well taken care off. Even if you are a start up company operating with at least 5 employees to 20 plus employees, this pre-requisite shouldn’t be taken for granted. When people feel valued, they become invested and more committed in the work that they are doing. Hence, resulting to a more productive workplace that actually contributes positively to the business. Among the top benefits that you should invest in is healthcare.


For businesses it is best to give your team access to comprehensive health plans that cover consultation, hospitalization, and emergency care in one. The challenge is to find out the right healthcare provider and SME plan fit to the needs and payment capacity of your organization.

 Maria Health is the first online health marketplace in the Philippines that offers access to all the health plans from the top brands in the country so any Filipino who needs health insurance can shop & compare all on one site, on their phone, anytime, anywhere.

There are solutions offered by Maria Health. The following health plan options are divided into three. For starting companies with 5 to 25 employees, here are the options you may consider for your company.

For companies who are comprised of 5-9 employees, here’s a simple comparison on the partners, starting annual cost per employee and the detailed out benefits per HMO. You can avail of plans from Asianlife, Maxicare, Philcare, and Eastwest Healthcare.

Health Plan Options

5-9 Employees


Health Plan Options

10-19 Employees


Health Plan Options

20-25 Employees


As a growing organization, it is important to take note of the value your team is bringing into your business and make sure that in return, you also give them the trainings, support, and benefits they need in order to keep growing while working for your company. These are just some points but it all boils down to the intention of business owners like you to invest in what really matters. In order to achieve the productivity you are aiming for, it all starts by being an inspiring leader. You run a business, and all businesses need committed people in order to thrive. The greatest asset you have is your workforce so make it a goal to keep your team happy, motivated and health-protected.

 Should you want to inquire about a plan you are eyeing for your team, feel free to schedule an appointment with us from Maria Health. We have dedicated customer representatives you can consult with regarding health benefits.

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