How To Raise Happy And Healthy Kids

How To Raise Happy And Healthy Kids

We’ve all probably heard parents admit that it’s not easy raising kids. Keeping them healthy and happy throughout their youth might be even tougher as parents try to balance what’s best for them with what brings them joy. But it’s the responsibility every mother and father must embrace when they welcome kids to the family.


It’s important for parents to realize that the happiness and health of their children can have an effect on their future. According to TIME, who cites author Christine Carter’s book, Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents, happy people tend to be more successful at both work and love than unhappy people. They are likely to perform better at work and have a happy marriage. For parents, this could be one way to secure their children’s future.


So the question now is, what do parents need to do to raise happy and healthy kids?


Here are some of the tips that we’ve gathered:


Teach Self Control


It can be gratifying for parents to give their kids what they want every now and then, but taking it too far can be bad for them. Overindulgence only hinders a child’s growth rather than help it.


Verywell Family, who cites a study published in the Journal of Personality, said that people with better self control report more good moods. They also don’t put themselves in tempting situations as much as other people.


Parents can teach their children this type of self-discipline in a number of ways. For instance, keep gadgets stowed in certain parts of the day for them to focus on their academics with the temptation to go online. With regards to health, parents can stock the fridge with healthier food choices so that kids learn to eat food that’s good for their bodies at an early age instead of sweets or other junk.


Limit Screen Time


In relation to the previous tip, kids must also have self-discipline when it comes to the time they spend on their phones, computers, and TVs. Parents should sometimes limit screen time for their children and push them to engage in other activities.


One study found that adolescents were happier when they spent less time on their digital devices and more time on in-person activities .


A lot of today’s devices and gadgets have options to let parents control or set limits to the usage of their children. Parents should take advantage of these features and use them to help their kids be less reliant on their devices for happiness.


Let Them Play Outside


Parents should not overlook the benefits of outside play for their children.


For one, a bit of sun exposure can work wonders for children’s bodies, giving them the needed Vitamin D that helps in a lot of bodily processes including bone development. Additionally, it keeps their body active, specially when they’re playing a sport, riding a bike, or just chasing a ball.


According to the Harvard Health Blog, outside play also imparts important life skills and learnings children might eventually need such as creativity, cooperation, and appreciation of nature.


Exercise Together As A Family


Speaking of staying active, the best way people can stay both happy and health is through exercise. What better way to encourage children to develop the habit of exercising than by doing it together as a family.

A recent study has discovered that the type of physical activity didn’t really matter for gaining the benefits of happiness. Whether the family decides to jog in the park or play a sport, any exercise that children enjoy would surely work as family activity.


Verywell Family adds that these activities not only keep the family in shape but also create opportunities to bond and create happy memories together.


Get Protection


Last but definitely not the least is to get kids healthcare protection. When children get sick, it can affect how much they can enjoy their youth and maximize their potential. Ensure this does not happen by providing them with access to the medical care they need to have a happy and healthy childhood.


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