Why Workers In These 4 Sectors Need Health Insurance

Why Workers In These 4 Sectors Need Health Insurance

Over 2.3 million people worldwide reportedly die every year due to work-related accidents. Even though injuries or illnesses can occur in all types of workplaces, some jobs put the health of workers at risk more than others. Despite safety precautions, people can never entirely prevent accidents from ever happening.


The Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Development compiled a list of sectors in the country with the most reported work-related accidents.




According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), 434 Filipinos died and 19,374 were wounded from a total of 110,025 road crash incidents in 2017. Rappler, who cites studies, reported that a lot of the crashes are caused by road conditions, traffic management, and driver behavior.


Given these numbers, there’s a very high risk for public transportation drivers, couriers, traffic enforcers, and all those who work in the transport sector to get into an accident in some form or another, which could result in injury or death.




The service sector is made up of a lot of industries including retail, real estate, and communications to name a few. All of them come with their own risks and hazards, but common among them are workers overworked with physical tasks. This could then lead to fatigue and other conditions that can possibly harm the health and wellbeing of workers.


Poor working conditions and failure to follow safety regulations reportedly also factor into a lot of the recorded accidents. Some factories, for instance, might not conduct drills or have safety exits in case of a fire or an earthquake, which can prove crucial in an emergency.




While the mining sector contributes greatly to the country’s economy, worker casualties are quite high.


Mineshaft structures and walls can sometimes cave in and bury everyone inside it. In 2015, a Seminara mining site in Antique collapsed and buried nine miners.


Mining also involves the use of explosive equipment to break and excavate rock structure. If a miner accidentally gets caught in the blast radius of an explosive, he or she may have little chance of surviving.


Then there’s exposure to harmful substances that can damage different parts of the human body or help develop disease. In 2017, two miners died after inhaling poisonous gas in a pocket mine.



The astonishing rate at which high-rise condominiums and office buildings in Metro Manila are constructed have lead to increased construction-related injuries and deaths in the last few years.


Construction has been described as a high hazard sector because of numerous risks construction workers face daily, which include falling from the site, electrocutions, collision with heavy equipment, and many others.


On top of all this, construction worker wages are not very high, forcing them to live in flimsy makeshift shelters near the site. This exposes them to the same safety hazards they face while at work. 

Get Protection


The best way workers, specially ones who belong to the sectors mentioned above, can prepare for workplace hazards is to get themselves a healthcare plan that can help cover for medical expenses and others needs in case of emergency.


We at Maria Health  offer a convenient way for workers to get protected in just a few clicks. Our website houses a wide array of health plans from affordable prepaid emergency healthcare plans from our partner health maintenance organizations (HMO) to more comprehensive coverage through SME and individual / family group plans.

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There is a recommended Adults Bundle that combines multiple prepaid plans to provide a well-rounded coverage at an affordable price. This bundle includes emergency coverage of up to P15,000 for life threatening conditions or injuries, up to P40,000 for acute cases of viral and bacterial infections, and one year of unlimited medical and dental consultations for the one-time fee of ₱8049.


Those working in dangerous jobs may also want to get a personal accident plan that help ease the way in the event of serious accident. The AAGA Personal Accident Silver, for example, provides up to P82,000 of coverage inclusive of accidental disability, dismemberment, and death insurance, livelihood assistance, and medical reimbursement for the starting price of only P150.


Help us help you find the right healthcare plan by visiting Maria Health now.

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