What To Do When A Health Crisis Strikes In The Family

What To Do When A Health Crisis Strikes In The Family

When you feel healthy, you tend to overlook the very real possibility of an unexpected health crisis or emergency. Sometimes, by the time you do, it’s already too late.


No one wishes to fall ill or meet an accident ever in their lives. Life, however, is unpredictable and a health crisis can strike anyone at any given time, regardless of age and health condition. This means there’s a very significant chance that you and your family might eventually have to deal with a health crisis. Are you prepared for such a scenario?


Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs to visit the hospital, it’s very important that you take a deep breath and stay as calm as possible because the last thing you should do in a time of emergency is panic.


We’re here to help and share some of the things you could do when health crisis strikes your family.


Find the cause

When you go to your doctor and tell him you’re sick, the first thing he will likely do is determine what caused you to get sick in the first place. But even the most experienced doctors may need a bit of your insight to get the full picture of your health.

This is why it’s important for you to also assess on your own what may have caused the problem. How exactly you go about this depends largely on what disease you may be suffering from.

Infection, unhealthy lifestyle, and genetics are often the prime suspects to most diseases. Genetics, for example, might have you review your family history and consider who else may similarly suffered from the same disease. Some diseases can be passed down and chances are, you have genetically inherited a couple of them from your parents, grandparents, or ancestors. 

See, pinpointing the root cause of a disease not only gives you and your family understanding, but also makes it easier for you to be treated. This knowledge will prove even more beneficial in the long run if you and your family use it to take preventive measures against diseases you may have already inherited. 


Become more aware

While it’s easy to feel helpless during a health crisis, you don’t have to be. 

You can be more proactive and more aware of your situation by doing some research. Talk to people who may gone through what you are currently going through. There might also be plenty of treatment success stories in various media. Better yet, seek a second, third, or even a fourth opinion from doctors and experts who might provide new treatment solutions.

Remember that it’s best you take control of the situation and not let it take control of you.


Build a support system

Health crises, especially ones you never expect to happen, will tend to feel very traumatic and overwhelming for you and your loved ones. For this reason, it’s important to build a strong support system that can help you get through your situation.

Support is invaluable to those who need them the most. Nothing is more motivating and uplifting than a community of people praying and cheering you on. And getting a community involved is made much easier thanks to technology.

The immense reach of media can help you not only raise awareness to people, but also reach out for their emotional support. In case you’re financially strapped, there are crowdfunding platforms that allow you to easily start a campaign for donations in honor of the patient. Courageous Caitie, a 3-year old who suffered from a rare form of leukemia, and her family for instance, found support in the thousands of people who were inspired and touched by her story.


Get healthcare protection

The best way to handle a health crisis in the family is to be prepared for an emergency before it actually happens. And you can do so by having yourself and your family insured so that you can protect your assets from expensive medical bills and get the care you need when you need it.

EReady and ERVantage prepaid health cards offers you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family have hospitalization and emergency coverage for various illnesses and accidents.

Maria Health has partnered with the top health maintenance organizations in the country to make these quality and affordable plans available for purchase on their website.


Shop now and ensure you and your family have healthcare protection when a health crisis strikes.


For prices and more details, visit https://mariahealth.ph/prepaid

Article by: Kyle Chua

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