10 Tips to Start 2019 Right

10 Tips to Start 2019 Right

It’s the New Year and the perfect time to latch onto the resolution mindset. We all have a fresh start to welcome change and work towards our goals at the start of each year. And for many of us that involves our health.

Whether you want to get in shape or just feel generally healthy, we’ve got you covered with 10 doable tips to start the year right.


See the doctor

When was the last time you saw your doctor or had a check up? Even when you think there’s nothing wrong with you or your body, it’s always advisable to get yourself checked by medical professionals at least once a year.

You can make sure you don’t miss your next check up with the PhilCare Smart Check Up prepaid plan available on Maria Health for the affordable price of Php 499. Did we mention that the plan does not come with age restrictions? This means you can buy members of your family plans too so that they can get themselves checked and increase their chances to live a long and healthy life.


Get enough sleep

Whatever you’re up to, ensure that you get a good night’s rest each night. Proper sleep works wonders for your body. It can positively change your outlook the morning after which in turn allows you to better handle stress, be more productive, and just feel a lot better. So perhaps, this year you could cut the time you spend on your phone in bed and sleep earlier than you normally do.

Always stay hydrated

It goes without saying that we should hydrate ourselves with plenty of water everyday. Water is essential in many of our bodily functions that affect our mood, energy level, and digestion to name a few. This is why we advise you to keep a water bottle or jug handy so that you can always stay hydrated.

Expose yourself to some sun

While we’re often warned about the dangers of heavy exposure to the sun, moderate amounts of sunlight prove to have beneficial effects for the human body. For one, it’s said to aid in the production of Vitamin D which keep our bones in tiptop condition. It can also trigger hormonal changes that combat depression and increase productivity. Given all this, you might want to step outside and enjoy the sun more this year.

Be protected

Another way you can care for your wellbeing this year is by being prepared for what might seem unavoidable and definitely unpredictable - a trip to the hospital. You can never tell when you or a loved one can get sick or meet an accident.

So what better way to prepare for these circumstances than with PhilCare ER Vantage, a healthcare plan that will ease the burden of medical expenses in case of emergency. For the starting price of Php 1,050, you can get as much as Php 40,000 worth of hospitalization coverage and the peace of mind that you’re financially ready for proper medical treatment.

Treat yourself

Guilt does not necessarily have to be associated with indulgence. We often hear that we should treat ourselves every now and then to help maintain good habits and boost morale when we need it. You can treat yourself in many different ways and they don’t always have to be costly.


No road to a healthy lifestyle is complete without exercise. Although our ideas of an exercise or a workout may vary in intensity and style, keeping our bodies active will help us regulate our weight and lower the risks of certain diseases. In case you’re not ready to commit to a gym membership or a workout program just yet, there are numerous day to day exercise activities that you can easily do and enjoy.

Balanced Diet

The phrase “you are what you eat” is true. What enters your mouth and eventually gets digested makes up the trillions of cells in the systems of our body. So if you eat healthy, chances are, your body will be healthy.

How to eat healthy? We suggest a balanced diet filled with plenty of nutrition. This comes from mixing grains, dairy, protein, and of course, fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily meals.


Meditation has been widely regarded as a good reliever of stress and helps the mind focus in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s been said that the presence of technology often deter us from spending some time detached from worldly matters. This is why we advise disconnecting when you can to focus on your own happiness.

Invest in yourself

Lastly, you, of course, have to invest in yourself. We think this is the most important tip of all because only you are in control of how much time, effort, and even money you would be willing to give to better your health and happiness this year.

What self-care habits and practices will you follow this year?

Article by: Kyle Chua

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