6 Sure-fire ways to get employees hyped for the summer

6 Sure-fire ways to get employees hyped for the summer

April and May are the hottest months in the Philippines, and many take advantage of the summer heat to go on vacation or weekend trips to the beach. But summer is also the perfect time for employees to participate in enrichment activities that can develop their skills and help them become better employees and individuals.

Planning summer activities for employees can be exhausting for the company, so we’ve compiled a list of possibilities you can consider. Below you’ll find something for every industry, and some which can accommodate families as well for a true bonding experience.

1. Summer classes for adults.

Yes, you heard that right, it is never too late to learn new skills and hobbies. There are a host of summer classes that you can offer your employees, ranging from technical to creative ones. Popular technical summer classes include photography, photo editing, and statistical training, while creative summer classes can include blogging and the culinary arts. Of course, it’s better if the classes are aligned with your company’s mission and vision, but it’s also fun to provide some more unusual options that employees may enjoy.


2. Unique fitness and bonding activities

Because many employees may be tired of the usual office outings with the beach and booze, a great option is to plan some unique fitness and bonding activities that will ease stress and develop physical strength at the same time. Popular activities include indoor wall climbing, mountain hiking, and even ice skating. Nothing bonds co-workers and even their respective families together better than sweating it out, and introducing some friendly competition is not a bad idea either. 


3. Health and financial planning seminars

While summer is usually associated with carefree abandon, it is also good to remind employees to take care of themselves and plan for their future. Health insurance representatives can be invited to your company to talk about the many different options they can provide, from comprehensive to prepaid health plans. There’s also no telling what may happen during this season, so additional insurance through prepaid health plans may just help save a life. Ambulatory care and unlimited consultations are just some of the benefits employees can avail of. Financial planners can also be invited to talk about the how-to’s of investment and saving.


4. Corridor bazaars and pop-up food stalls

The heat can be stressful and employees need an avenue to get rid of some of that stress. Retail therapy never fails to perk people up, so you can invite small local businesses to put up stalls in your building, or you can even organize a bazaar yourself. Thrifted items are a classic for these events. You can also include pop-up food stalls that can satiate employees during their lunch or afternoon breaks. Hint: ice cream is the best seller!


5. Summer music festivals

Music festivals are all the rage, what with the likes of Coachella and Lollapalooza taking over social media pages. Locally, Wanderland has a huge following, especially among millennials. If you have young and young at heart employees, and the budget to spare of course, you can organize a summer music festival. You don’t even have to hire celebrity musicians – your resident singers and band artists are more than capable of delivering a great show.


6. Advocacy and outreach events

Giving back is a virtue that any company should aim to cultivate, and the summer season provides the perfect timing to plan advocacy and outreach events. So instead of simply heading for the beach, you can contact a cause or community in need in the same area, understand their conditions, marshal your resources, and contribute to helping them achieve their goals. You can take a vote to choose which cause or community your company would like to help, be it an animal shelter, an orphanage, a home for the elderly, or an urban poor center. You can even turn it into an annual summer event to compliment your team building activities.


Summer provides both the opportunity and the vibe to get people together, whether it’s for lessons, bonding activities, or outreach programs. It’s also a great time to take advantage of the various summer promos out there. Engaging your employees takes careful planning and a lot of research, but there are so many new options out there that they will enjoy. The bottom line is to stay true to your company’s vision, but to adapt to the changing world as well.

Summer is also the season of possibilities and growth, so don’t be afraid to pitch new summer activity ideas. Out with the old, in with the new, they say, and that goes for company activities as well. You can always mix things up and improve as you go along – how about a five-session workshop that ends with a music festival? Keep your imagination going and the summer is yours!


Here at Maria Health, we believe that summer months (the whole year, actually) should be all about being productive and having fun along with it. That's why we’ve partnered with the country’s top healthcare providers in the country, so that you can focus more on summer fun and worry less about dealing with possible illnesses or emergencies.

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