5 Ways to make the most out of your health plan

5 Ways to make the most out of your health plan

Most companies in the Philippines provide health insurance for their employees not just to ensure their health while working, but also to maintain their pool of talents. Both employees and employers understand the value of good healthcare, and many top-notch professionals include it on their list of requirements when looking for jobs. That is why there is tough competition among healthcare companies in the Philippines to provide the best service and have the most affiliated institutions. 

Staying healthy can be a tall order in stressful environments, and some health conditions can even be exacerbated by it. In the Philippines, it’s not just work that takes its toll, but also the constantly changing weather and the difficult commuting conditions. Most of the time, simply having health insurance isn’t enough. Whichever healthcare provider you have, here are five ways to make the most out of your health card. 


1. Take advantage of the option for additional dependents.

This depends on your healthcare provider, but there is usually an option to include your parents, siblings, or unmarried children in your coverage. This will mean shelling out some cash on your part, but this is far cheaper than buying a subscription on your own. And since it’s always better to be prepared for medical emergencies, a little sacrifice during every cutoff will go a long way. Not only will it ease your worries about taking care of your loved ones, but also show them that you care about them.


2. Use your dental and optical benefits even if you don’t think you need them.

An annual oral prophylaxis is usually included in most health cards, and it is an important dental treatment for halting the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Even if you have a busy schedule, make that appointment with an accredited dentist. Besides that, don’t forget to take advantage of the optical benefits. Get your eyes checked out whenever you can, especially if your job requires looking at a screen for long periods of time. You’ll be much happier and healthier in the long run.


3. Check out the health and wellness programs.

Depending on your health card insurance provider, you will not only get your health cards, but also newsletters on proper diet, invitations to fun runs, and access to group exercise sessions. Your HR department probably already e-mails them to you or puts them up on the bulletin board, but it’s time to take them seriously! You can even turn these perks into bonding experiences for you and your co-workers. Ask your health care provider if they can provide gym discounts so that you can work out instead of going out to drink, which can hurt your body and your wallet.


4. Call affiliated institutions and ask about available vaccinations.

Calling hospitals and clinics for available vaccinations can’t hurt. There are many developments in vaccines that can safeguard against conditions such as cervical cancer, human papilloma virus (HPV), and meningitis. Be proactive and ask about them. You can also share the information to your coworkers so that they too can be protected. 


5. Take the initiative to go on a healthy diet.

You have to admit, your health card can only do so much. Getting healthy is certainly more prevention than cure, and to make the most out of your health insurance, you should take the initiative to go on a healthy diet. This is not to lose weight, although that can certainly be a motivation. A true healthy diet is realistic, sustainable, and takes into consideration your age and work patterns. Do your research and consult professionals to figure out the best diet for your and stick to it! Start trading your iced latte for a fruit smoothie today and you’ll see the difference.


There are many services provided by healthcare companies in the Philippines and if you are lucky enough to have a health card, you need to take advantage of it. Make sure you know how much your coverage is in terms of basic treatments, medicines, vaccinations, and major surgeries, how many additional dependents you can have, which fitness activities you can join, and which services you can avail of. But most of all, make sure you’re doing your part and staying fit and healthy through your everyday diet.

Making the most out of your health card is not difficult, especially with many forms of communication and gathering information at your fingertips. It’s not difficult to research what you can do or what you can avail of. You can even book an appointment with a dentist or an optometrist online. Use your free time wisely, take care of your health and your loved ones by knowing your health coverage inside out.

And if you or your loved ones do not yet have a health plan and don’t know where to start, Maria Health is here to help you out. From hospitalization to consultation and even emergency ambulance service, Maria Health has partnered with top health insurance providers in the country to provide you with the best options. And the best part? Maria Health is always free.

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