5 Best gifts when sending someone off into retirement

5 Best gifts when sending someone off into retirement

Retirement is an important milestone that marks the end of a fruitful career and the beginning of a new lifestyle where one is free to enjoy time without worrying about deliverables and deadlines. After forty or so years in the workforce, this transition is literally a life-changing one. So, if you’re looking for something to give to your retiring parents, friends, or loved ones, here are the five best gifts you should consider.

1. A modern reading device

Retirees will have a lot of free time to read, and this is the time to help them get back into the reading habit they may have lost during the hustle and bustle of working. Modern reading devices weigh next to nothing, store thousands of books, mimic the look of paper, and come equipped with many tools such as magnification and a dictionary. This is a gift any retiree will appreciate.


2. Supplies for a hobby

Similar to the above, many other hobbies or passions fall to the wayside in the course of having a demanding job. Retirement is the time to get back into these hobbies. Whether it’s an old hobby or something they mentioned they would like to take up, it’s worth getting a box of supplies for them to get started. 


3. A photo book or framed souvenir related to their work

One small thing you can do is to take something from their previous work and turn it into something they can display and admire whenever they want to reminisce about their career. Photo books, framed souvenirs, or even plaques are great for this.


4. Guides for games with children.

If the retiree has grandchildren, it will be great to gift them with books that will give them lots of ideas for games to play with them. Board games and tickets to activities they can do together would make good accompaniments to this.


5. A reliable HMO card

Years ago, a health card for senior citizens in the Philippines would have been unheard of. Retirees would need to rely on their pension and the government health care system for their needs. But this is not always enough, and there are many medical needs especially for those above sixty-five that will not always be covered by their pension, savings, or even PhilHealth. And even for senior citizens who are relatively healthy, it’s best to get a full checkup at least once or twice a year to ensure good health and prevent any minor conditions from developing into more serious ones. All this monitoring can become expensive and time consuming.

It’s not the first thing people would think of when shopping for retirement gifts, but it has been proven to make a much bigger difference in the lives of retirees. HMO for senior citizens in the Philippines is a great option that many different family members can contribute to, because it will allow everyone to pitch in while getting a better idea of the senior citizens’ needs, wants, and goals. Coupled with a visit to a financial advisor, the retiree will be all set and ready to take on this new phase of life. So, if you are looking for an unconventional gift, check out health cards for senior citizens in the Philippines today!


Retiring can be a huge adjustment, but there is no reason it shouldn’t be an enjoyable one. Many people look forward to retirement for various reasons – some want to bond more with their children and grandchildren, others want to take up new hobbies or rekindle old ones. Some want to put up a business and focus on it full time, and still others want to take the opportunity to travel the world and visit friends and family who live abroad. Show them you care and wish them the best by picking up a couple of gifts before going to the next retirement party, and don’t forget to keep in touch with them as they go on this journey!


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