5 types of gifts that stand out

5 types of gifts that stand out

Have you finished with your Christmas shopping yet?

Don't you notice how sometimes, the more we care for people, the harder it is to find a gift for them? After all, we want them to feel really special and we want our gifts for them to be special, too.

So, how do you show your loved ones that you care? Here are 5 suggestions to give the gift that stands out.

1. Something you made

Sometimes, it really is all about effort. Show your loved ones how much you care about them by giving them something that you have created. It could simply be homemade pastries or even home decor that you made yourself. If you want a more personalized gift, you could search online for tutorials in making items such as fragrances, lotions, and candles that you could tailor-fit to their personality and likes.


2. Something they can do

For family and friends that greatly value experiences, you may want to consider gifting them with something that they can do. How about vouchers for the trampoline park or the giant ball pit? Maybe they love learning about cultures and history and you can give them passes to museums. Know what types of activities they usually enjoy and try to give that to them.


3. Something that makes their life easier

While some may take the Christmas season as a chance to slow down and go on a vacation, it's a different story altogether the rest of the year. Why not give them something that would make life easier for them next year? A voucher for a cleaning service, maybe? Or a gift certificate for a car wash. You can even opt to give them subscription boxes for the cosmetics that they use. Or better yet, help them eat healthy the rest of the year by gifting them with a subscription of one of The Good Food Community's healthy vegetable pack.


4. Something you can enjoy together

Oftentimes, it is your company that matters the most to your family and friends. This Christmas season, give them the gift of your time and attention. Join a group and go on a hike together. Or maybe invite them to a weekend away on a beach. It can even be as simple as going out for a DIY gourmet tour around the Metro. Pick an activity that you both enjoy or one that neither of you have tried before. The important thing is that you get to spend quality time together.


5. Something that gives them peace of mind

Because one of the best things we can give is security, we're sure that your loved ones would greatly appreciate if you give them something that helps them keep fit, healthy, and ready for any emergencies. Why don't you gift them with something they could use like a first aid kit that is fully outfitted? Or how about training sessions for CPR, so they would know what to do in case of medical emergencies? Or better yet, gift them with prepaid healthcards that they can easily use when the need arises. We're sure they'd appreciating getting simple, easy access to medical services.


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