4 ways to keep safe and healthy this season

4 ways to keep safe and healthy this season

The holiday spirit is now upon us (since September, to be honest) and everyone is excited to get on that holiday cheer.

But with the colder temperature, the longer nights, the food coma, the late nights, and the booze, we should all remember that the holiday season is not only the time for good cheer; it is also the time when less-than-ideal circumstances are more likely to happen.

We want you and your loved ones to be safe, healthy, and happy this season (and all-year round) so we have listed down a few things you can do to help make that happen:


1. Get enough rest

Yes, we know that it is a busy month for everyone. With the end-of-year catchups at work, the kids on a holiday from school, the last minute gift shopping, relatives arriving from all over, and the back-to-back parties you just have to attend, you might find yourself operating at maximum energy on very little sleep.

It is pretty tempting to tell yourself that Christmas season only happens once a year and that it’s almost traditional to sleep as little as possible this month. But don’t run yourself ragged - you wouldn’t want to start off the next year sick, do you? Make sure to eat healthily and to get enough sleep to help you power through this season.


2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

While some use the holidays to go on vacation and just let go of all worries (and maybe some responsibilities) there are yet some who take it upon themselves to plan every single detail of everything. Don’t get us wrong: we love them. Without them, parties and meet-ups won’t happen or would happen so horrendously that we wouldn’t want to take part of them again the next time.

If you’re one of them, you might also be one who tends to sweat the small stuff. That is, instead of enjoying the holidays, you get stressed making sure that everything happens perfectly. Just remember that holidays are meant to be enjoyed. So what if the table napkins don’t match? They’ll all end up still getting used anyway. Slow down and take this time to do the first thing on this list.


3. Make sure you end the year fit and healthy

There is nothing more annoying than being sick while everyone is celebrating. It’s easy to make excuses this season. After all, who has time? But breaking your workout habits for a month and justifying it by telling yourself that you’ll pick it up again next year just means it will be harder for you to get back on the fitness train - after a month of no workouts, your body might find it difficult to adjust again. Besides, you don’t skimp out on your skincare routine for a month because of the holidays, do you?

As much as possible, do not disrupt your fitness and health habits, especially since this is the time of the year when you need them the most. Continue your exercise routine. Drink your vitamins. Go to the doctor for a quick checkup. Go on a vacation and forget about your responsibilities for a little while. Make sure that your physical and mental state is fit and healthy.


4. Have a back-up plan for getting home

All the late nights do take their toll on their body. Add to that exhaustion from work or play and the horrendous traffic situation to battle through, and it can get physically difficult to move at the end of the day. And we’re not even talking about the effects of alcohol consumption yet. Roll all of that together and it becomes a sad fact that everyone is at a risk of getting into driving-related accidents this month.

We all want to get home safely, and we are not going to repeat that tired line about not drinking while under the influence of alcohol (oh look, we just did) especially since alcohol isn’t the only reason that puts people who drive at risk. If you’re feeling too sick, are too tired, or too intoxicated to drive, get someone else to drive for you. Or better yet, get yourself and your loved ones a Lifeline coverage. Not only will you have access to premium ambulance services for up to 10 people in times of emergencies, they will also send you someone to safely drive you home for a small fee.


Here at Maria Health, we believe that every should have simple, easy access to healthcare online, which is why we partner with the country's top healthcare providers to give you the healthcare plans that you need.

This Christmas season, we want to help you protect your family in emergency situations. With our Lifeline 16-911 Household Ambulance Coverage plans, you, your family, and your employees can get access to world-class ambulance services with highly-trained EMTs in emergencies, Doctors on Call, and Driver on Call. Visit Maria Health and give the gift of peace of mind this Christmas.

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