Tired of paying out-of-pocket for healthcare?

Tired of paying out-of-pocket for healthcare?

“Change is coming” was one of the campaign slogans of Rodrigo Duterte, the Davao City mayor who will assume the presidency on June 30. While some may worry about the policy changes that may be implemented by the next administration, there are some things in life that will just never change. The sun will always rise. Moms will always worry about their kids. And people will always need to spend for health.

“Sakit sa bulsa”

It might surprise you to know that health is a top priority among Filipinos. According to the December 2015 National Survey on Urgent Personal and National Concerns of Filipinos, almost two-thirds of Filipinos are concerned about their health and preventing illnesses. If you think about it, it actually makes sense to take care of your health. You can’t really enjoy life and function well both as an individual and as a productive member of society if you’re constantly sick.

Health costs can get expensive, though. Sudden illnesses are like a curveball that throw a dent on your monthly budget. A consult to a specialist can cost at least Php 500. Medicines can cost several hundreds more. And then there are the diagnostic tests. Considering that 50% of total health payments in 2011 were out-of-pocket, it’s an expensive burden that can drive people to either skip the consults or incur significant debts.

Different types of coverage

  • Of course, health insurance options do exist for those who realize that shelling out cash each and every time isn’t the best and most practical option. Here are the common types of coverage available:
  • Comprehensive HMO - an extensive package covering emergency care, inpatient care, outpatient care, preventive care, annual check-up, dental coverage, and financial assistance in case of death;
  • Emergency Care - provides coverage for unexpected and sudden life-threatening situations that require urgent medical care;
  • Inpatient Care - provides hospital admission coverage due to illness or accident; and
  • Outpatient Care - provides coverage for outpatient consults, laboratory tests, and treatments that do not require hospital admission

Simplifying the complex

Canvassing prices and benefits among the various healthcare providers can be a confusing and frustrating experience. How do you know which benefits you need? Is one company better than the other? How do you know which plan’s the best one for you?

Answering these questions is mainly why we created Maria Health. We’ve carefully sifted through all the options available in the market to make choosing the best one for you as convenient as possible. We developed our wellness marketplace because we want to make healthcare simple for freelancers, small businesses, OFWs, and basically anyone else who wants it.

Keeping healthy can be a challenge. Finding the right healthcare plan for you doesn’t have to be.

Check us out at www.MariaHealth.ph

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Healthcare a priority in the Philippines

Healthcare a priority in the Philippines