Why do I need health insurance?

Why do I need health insurance?

You get insurance for your car. Why not get health insurance for yourself too?

Car insurance versus health insurance

I had an epiphany earlier last month when we had to avail of our car insurance. The overall cost of the damages on the vehicle ran up to more than Php 30,000, but everything was covered by the insurance company. It made me realize that wow, insurance really is useful. It also made me reflect on the fact that sometimes, people willingly get insurance for their cars but not for themselves. I thought, “If you’re going to get insurance for your car, then why not get insurance for yourself too?”

What you get for investing in your health

A buffer for unexpected expenses.

In a way, it’s easy to understand why many individuals forgo health insurance. If you’re fit and well and rarely see your doctor, it makes more sense to just pay for things as you go. This isn’t the best reasoning, though. Life is so full of curveballs that you really have to have a buffer for unexpected expenses. The scary reality is that medical emergencies can burn a hole in your pocket; you wouldn’t want to have firsthand knowledge of that reality. Preventing such an outcome is well worth the minor inconvenience of paying your premiums.

Nipping diseases at the bud

Little things can turn into bigger things. A great advantage about having health insurance is that you can quickly get treated for minor ailments, which in turn can help prevent the onset of more serious ones. Availing of preventive medicine is one of the best ways to keep healthy.

Care in a package for the people you value

Enrolling your loved ones as dependents in your healthcare plan is a practical way of taking care of them. Some of these plans offer comprehensive coverage and unlimited consults to primary physicians, so there’s no need to scrimp on going to the doctor. And of course if  your loved ones are taken care of then that gives you..

Peace of mind

With health insurance, you can simply focus on nurturing yourself, your family, and/or your employees back to optimal health and not have to worry about how to pay off the mounting bills. 

Food for thought

There’s really no need to skip healthcare coverage nowadays. Plans have become convenient, more accessible, and cheaper for the common Pinoy. Why, you can even get comprehensive hmo coverage starting at ~Php 600/month! That’s less than a really good meal in some restaurants.

Health insurance is not an expense. It’s a nod to security and happiness.

Maria Health is your one-stop shop for finding the best healthcare plan. Visit our site or drop us a line at hello@mariahealth.ph. You deserve good health and we’re here to help.



Hope for simple and easy healthcare options

Hope for simple and easy healthcare options

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